Evaluation in Scientific Organization: Status, Quality, Attention

The first line of my research inquiry is rooted in (macro)-organization theory and Science of Science. Science is probably the most notable form of collective intelligence in human history. The Ortega Hypothesis states that scientific advancement is driven by a collective of a large number of mediocre contributions (it has been challenged in numerous ways though).

Coordination in Organization: Normative Learning on Networks and Organizations

The second line of my research agenda focuses on the micro-macro bridge in organizations and networks: how individuals proactively or passively learn organizational norms, culture, and collective beliefs and how individual learning and conformity influence macro-level dynamics (aka collective intelligence).

Emotions in Organization: Collective Emotion and Complex Contagion

The third line of my research agenda is rooted in the fruitful collaboration with micro-OB researchers. I research collective emotion and complex contagion, where emotion activation can happen in a multi-source social reinforcing process.