Group Emotion

One of my projects at HBS Amit's group: How is the crowd's emotion turned on? More TBA.

Rhetoric in Science

When you write papers, you will cite references because they inspire you, as [normative theory]( states. You may have other references because they have rhetorical utilities, as shown in [social constructivism]( In collaboration with [Misha Teplitskiy]( at the School of Information, University of Michigan, we study sociological theories in science by posing the following question: What roles do these two groups of references play, respectively, in equally or unequally distracting papers' status, quality, and attention from citers?

Social Inspiration in Computing + Computational Social Science

I am working on a long survey paper with [Dr. Wolfgang Banzhaf at MSU CSE]( that studies the inspiration from social sciences and collective intelligence in the computing realm. How does the computing community get inspiration from social sciences, e.g., social choice theory, game theory, auction/mechanism design, agent-based social simulation, psychology/behavioral study, organizational sociology, and social networks?

Archived Projects