My nerdy stuff (mainly open-source projects)

I am committed to open science, e.g., the open-source movement. Programming is an essential part of my academic life because techniques, skills, and practical implementation ability are crucial for a “solution-based” computational social scientist [1]. I regularly implement and am involved in open-source real-world projects and software – crawling real-world data sets like rumors in social media and political cosponsorship behaviors, facial expression mapping confidence and its deep learning-based classification, various classic agent-based models, social network analysis models, large-scale text data cleaning and text auto-generation models, topic models and text cohesion in NLP, community detection, narrative recognition in massive social media posts, bioinformatics software, classification in NLP and computational social science, and many machine learning/evolutionary computing algorithms. See my GitHub:, and you will easily find the repository you want (hopefully with my detailed technical report).

Also, it is interesting to find a political communication paper doing something similar to me (project) and many others (mapping the confidence level with politicians' facial expressions)…


[1] Watts, D. J. (2017). Should social science be more solution-oriented?. Nature Human Behavior, 1(1), 1-5.

Honglin (Carson) Bao
Honglin (Carson) Bao
A student in Organization, Behavior, and Computational Social Science