Quantitative Methods, Causal Inference, and Panel Data

The quantitative method is always my top-priority focus in research. Causal inference is especially interesting for me beyond simple correlation or regression. I recently read two classic books: “Causal Inference in Statistics: A Primer” by Judea Pearl and “Quantitative Social Science: An Introduction” by Kosuke Imai. I regularly write notes about my thoughts and share them here.

A fascinating workshop hosted by political scientist Yiqing Xu. Three afternoons (Aug 23, 25, 27 2021). A very clear discussion of causal inference using panel data. Should always recall the slides.

A joint talk on causal inference (primarily DiD, PSM, and synthetic control) with Siyuan Ma at MSU Communication.

Honglin (Carson) Bao
Honglin (Carson) Bao
A student in Organization, Behavior, and Computational Social Science